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Clayton Ainger
Professional speaker and performance coach

Clayton John Ainger is a Certified Professional Speaker, Performance Coach and Business Consultant with over 15 years experience in business, developing people and transforming performance.

He is the author it the award winning and bestselling book: The Ego’s Code – Understanding the Truth Behind Your Negativity.

From once being a Corporate Tax specialist with Deloittes, he is now a sought after international consultant and speaker who helps Senior Leaders and Executive Teams create engaging cultures, transform performance and achieve sustainable growth by unleashing passion, nurturing natural talent and bring vitality to the workforce.

Clayton specialises in understanding the reasons for negativity, and why it causes people and companies to sabotage success, relationships, health, well being and finances.

In his work, he helps individuals and teams overcome negativity that stifles progress by explaining with solutions the effects on the physical body, the mind and how it interacts with and impacts on life, business performance and corporate cultures. 

His work consistently delivers significant business impact, ROI and positive bottom line benefits including, for example, the following results for three different clients - a 40% increase in employee engagement, £166: £1 ROI and an average 30% increase in profitability across all contracts.

Clayton works with a variety of companies in both the Public and Private Sectors from owner managed businesses through to FTSE 500 and Fortune 500 companies such as EE, O2, The Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Rackspace, EasyJet, Severn Trent Water, Imperial Tobacco, Hewlett Packard and the UK Ministry of Defence, just to name a few.

Every year Clayton spends on average 1200 hours front of room speaking, training and facilitating. His thought provoking questions, in private dialogue and stimulating classes help individuals, teams and companies to grow beyond boundaries of their perceived knowledge and capabilities, so they achieve their true hearts desires.

Clayton loves to be different, challenge the status quo and inspire the people and companies he works with to explore new ways of thinking, attitudes and behaviours transforming lives and results for the long term. He has been described as someone who “speaks the truth, shares from his heart and genuinely cares about people.’

A member of an audience recently said the following about her experience of Clayton – ‘I heard Clayton speak publicly for the first time this summer and was inspired by what I heard. He’s one of those people who just lights up a room and you know that he is a genuine, humble and gracious spirit.’

Clayton regularly delivers workshops, training events and keynotes in a multitude of locations including UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Monaco, The Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Iceland and USA. 

Examples of his current speaker topics include (but are not limited to):

  •  Authenticity Rules – How to Deliver Authentic Excellence in your Business
  • Be Positive about Negativity – How your thoughts are shaping your business results
  • The Ego’s Code – How to unleash the creative genius behind your corporate negativity
  • Resistance and Negativity – The seed of destruction or the route to greatness?
  • Where is your leadership shadow leading others…? To glory or to destruction?
  • The New Corporate ELITE…discover the magic behind their leadership greatness!
  • Future Proof your business with an extraordinary ELITE Culture
  • Why people don’t do better, when they know better

 Corporate training events include

  •  Delivering WOW! Through Service
  • The Psychology of Leadership – Overcoming behavioural challenges as a leader in business
  • NeuroLeadership for Change – Change your thinking, change your results
  • Commercial Acumen – Its not about the product, its about the conversation
  • Presenting Naturally in Business – Speaker Boot Camp for Senior Leaders
  • Leading through Ambiguity – The Six Conditions & Releasers of Change

 Private Signature Events & Retreats

 Each year, Clayton runs a number of private signature events and retreats including:

  •  48 Hr Ego & Negativity Detox (Based on his award winning book – The Ego’s Code)
  • 48 Hr Becoming Your Truth
  • 72 Hr The Magic Shop of Creation
  • The journey to your Truth! How to live an Ego Free Life!
  • Living your Truth - 8 Steps to creating the New You!
  • Change your story! Change your life! Understand the 8 stories that block your path and how to change them.

Fee Band: £1K-£5K

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